IE 2.0T TSI Gen 1/2 H-Beam 144x21mm Rod Set for Narrow Journal
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IE 2.0T TSI Gen 1/2 H-Beam 144x21mm Rod Set for Narrow Journal with Aftermarket Pistons | IERHVT2-RD

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Integrated Engineering is proud to manufacture the forged H beam connecting rod, the highest quality connecting rod set available for European applications at a reasonable price. This is accomplished through careful industry leading design practices, manufacturing, and strict quality control processes.  For years Integrated Engineering H beam rods have been the workhorse of our line-up providing excellent performance right out of the box.  With very high reliability even in extreme applications our H beam design has remained the top choice in builds up to 700+ BHP, even found in four-cylinder cars into the 800+ BHP range.

The material specification and treatment is equally important to producing a quality forged connecting rod. Integrated Engineering H beam rods feature 4340 Chrome Moly steel, formed into shape using a 2 piece forging for the highest possible fatigue life. The material is multi-stage heat treated to ensure the highest possible fatigue strength as well as good dimensional stability.  This feature ensures that our big ends stay round for a lifetime of bearing trouble free service. Following this pattern of high quality, included ARP 2000 rod bolts are standard in all of our connecting rod applications.


2 Piece Forgings from Vacuum Drawn 4340 Chrome Moly Steel

Multi Stage Heat Treat for maximum strength, dimensional stability, and fatigue life.

Fully Machined and Shot Peened

Rifle Drilled - increases wrist pin longevity by providing additional lubrication.

Optimized H beam Design

Tolerances as tight as .0003 ground on Sunnen brand equipment

Standard ARP2000 Rod Bolts

Computer Optimized Design

Magnaflux Inspected

Dimensionally Inspected

Packed in balanced sets +/- 1 gram.

VW/Audi 2.0T TSI engines with 21mm wrist pins

Combination tested to over 700HP+

Possible to install without removal of engine

23 cm
13 cm
5.50 cm
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