IE LATE 1.8T 2001+ H-Beam 144x19mm Rod Set with Stock Pistons -
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IE LATE 1.8T 2001+ H-Beam 144x19mm Rod Set with Stock Pistons - Part Number: IERHVA2-RD


Product Features

• Drop-in rod 19 mm tapered wrist pin for use with stock 19mm pistons only

• Forged from vacuum drawn 2 pieces 4340 chrome moly steel

• Upgraded H beam design greatly increases strength and durability

• Combination tested to 700HP on 4-cylinder engines

• Includes IE Spec ARP 2000 rod bolts with "IE" stamp to ensure a genuine product

• Individual computer-optimized design to match unique VW/Audi engine applications

• Honed to exacting tolerances within 250 millionths of an inch

• Optional forced pin oiling (rifle drilling) for long wrist pin life

• Each connecting rod set is balanced to weights within +/- 1 gram

• Dimensionally and magnaflux inspected to ensure extreme reliability

• Multi-stage heat treated for dimensional stability and fatigue life 

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Integrated Engineering is proud to manufacture the forged H beam connecting rod, the highest quality connecting rod set available for European applications at a reasonable price. This is accomplished through careful industry leading design practices, manufacturing, and strict quality control processes.  For years Integrated Engineering H beam rods have been the workhorse of our line-up providing excellent performance right out of the box.  With very high reliability even in extreme applications our H beam design has remained the top choice in builds up to 700+ BHP, even found in four-cylinder cars into the 800+ BHP range.

The material specification and treatment is equally important to producing a quality forged connecting rod. Integrated Engineering H beam rods feature 4340 Chrome Moly steel, formed into shape using a 2 piece forging for the highest possible fatigue life. The material is multi-stage heat treated to ensure the highest possible fatigue strength as well as good dimensional stability.  This feature ensures that our big ends stay round for a lifetime of bearing trouble free service. Following this pattern of high quality, included ARP 2000 rod bolts are standard in all of our connecting rod applications.


To keep wrist pin wear at the minimum, all of our H Beam Forged rods are available in a rifle drilled option. Rifle drilling forces pressurized oil through a small orifice placed vertically through the rod and further lubricates the pin and bushing. This extra oiling causes less wear and friction between the rod and piston and increasing the life of the internals. We highly recommend the rifle drilling option for street-driven cars, as they typically see more mileage put on them, but works well to extend pin life on any setup.


2 Piece Forgings from Vacuum Drawn 4340 Chrome Moly Steel

Multi Stage Heat Treat for maximum strength, dimensional stability, and fatigue life.

Fully Machined and Shot Peened

Optimized H beam Design

Tolerances as tight as .0003 ground on Sunnen brand equipment

Standard ARP2000 Rod Bolts

Computer Optimized Design

Magnaflux Inspected

Dimensionally Inspected

Packed in balanced sets +/- 1 gram.

VW/Audi 1.8T engines with 19mm wrist pins

Combination tested to over 700HP+

Possible to install without removal of engine

23 cm
13 cm
5.50 cm
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