Audi S3 Intercooler for PD150 ARL (Mk4 Platform)
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Audi S3 Intercooler for PD150 ARL (Mk4 Platform)

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Audi S3 Intercooler with Alloy End Tanks - Mk4 PD150 ARL

This Upgraded Intercooler is originally fitted to the Audi S3, and we modify the End Tanks to fit the ARL PD150 Engine Mk4 Platform vehicles


  • No Clip connectors which can cause boost leaks
  • Alloy End tanks instead of plastic to hold higher levels of boost
  • Modified to fit the Mk4 Golf ARL PD150
  • Used on applications well over 300bhp


This Upgraded Intercooler eliminates the two problematic clip connectors going on the Intercooler which can crack or wear out, causing boost leaks. The end tanks are also Alloy instead of plastic which will hold higher levels of boost


The stock intercooler hoses can be used by removing the metal clip connectors and securing with T-Bolt Clamps


All bolts for fitting are included, if you require 57mm Clamps these can be found here:




  • Width at top - 730mm
  • Bottom - 840mm
  • Height - 420mm
  • Thickness - 50mm
  • Inlet / Outlet - 57mm
  • Core Size - 620mm x 420mm x 40mm


We also produce a Hard Pipe Kits which removes all of the clip connectors:


Mk4 Platform PD150 (ARL) Hard Pipe Kit:



The Modified S3 Intercooler will fit the following vehicles: 

  • VW Golf Mk4 - PD150 (ARL) 
  • VW Bora - PD150 (ARL) 
  • Seat Leon - PD150 (ARL)